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How to Find the Best Wedding Services: 7 Steps

Choosing from the many local wedding service providers can be challenging, but the following seven points may help.

It goes without saying that researching your options, reading reviews, comparing costs, and scheduling interviews with your top picks are all essential to assembling a stellar team of wedding professionals. You can find out more about local wedding vendors before contacting them directly if you’re interested in doing some additional research. Not as crucial as checking that your vendors are affordable and come recommended, but worth considering if you’re trying to pick between two excellent service providers in your area. Learn more about local wedding vendors by looking into these seven details. 

Online networking sites 

It’s a good idea to look them up on social media if you’re trying to find local wedding vendors. You can get a better feel for the wedding pro’s personality and work style, and see more examples of their previous work (this is especially helpful if you’re hiring a vendor creating a physical product, like a florist or cake baker). In addition, a wedding vendor’s Instagram is likely to feature more recent work than their website, so you can be sure you’re seeing examples of their most recent work there.


The absence of awards does not indicate a lack of quality for a wedding vendor. When researching vendors, it’s helpful to know whether or not they’ve won awards that demonstrate a pro’s credibility in the field. In particular, the Couples’ Choice Awards recognise excellence in service, responsiveness, quality, and professionalism in the eyes of their clients. Awards won by wedding professionals aren’t necessarily a guarantee of quality, but they can help you narrow down your choices. 

Real Weddings 

You’ve no doubt seen stunning photographs of weddings featuring stunning and unique details in online or print features showcasing real weddings. It’s helpful to see local wedding vendors in action by attending real weddings, and it’s also a great way for professionals to showcase their best work. 

Different Parts of the Editorial

You can learn a lot by conducting a Google search of the vendor’s name and/or business name that you’ve chosen for your wedding. It’s possible that the expert you’re looking into has been featured in news articles as a go-to source, offering insight into industry trends and developments. You can use the fact that a wedding vendor has been quoted in the media as evidence that they are an authority in their field when selecting their team. 

Vendor Connections

Vendors who have been around for a while in the wedding business likely have a tight-knit circle of colleagues and friends they regularly collaborate with and hang out with outside of work. You can get a sense of the other professionals a wedding vendor frequently works with by perusing their social media and real wedding features. Is this group of specialists highly regarded in your community? Would you want to collaborate with them? Knowing that a wedding vendor is liked and respected by their peers says a lot about their character and dedication to their work. You can learn more about the people who make up a vendor’s team and their history of collaboration by reading through their testimonials and viewing their professional networks on WeddingWire. 

Groups and Conventions in the Business World

It’s helpful to know whether or not a potential vendor is invested in the wedding industry by way of membership in relevant groups, attendance at relevant conferences, or participation in relevant networking events. This indicates that the professional is not only well-connected but also eager to learn new things about their field from their peers. 

The Wedding Boards

Read online reviews or ask the vendor for contact information for previous clients to get a feel for the vendor you’re thinking of working with. Local groups within the online forums are another great resource for learning more about local wedding vendors from recently married and engaged couples.

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